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We know how hard it is to entrust your dream to other people…

Because it is our World*

МИР (MIR) - rus. World

We design the house of Your dream...

Architectural Bureau "M.I.R." was founded in 2004 to create new reality of Your dream. We strive for accuracy in finest details and do our best to make Your ideas become something special. Our geography is worldwide - we worked on projects in Russia, Germany, Switzerland, the UK. Every project is important - country-house, townhouse, apartment or ofiice. Large-scale projects and seeming impossibility won't bewilder us! We see many ways to solve most extraordinary and daunting tasks. We appreciate Your time and respect Your choice.

Because it is our WORLD!

The interior of Your dream


MIR at Your disposal

We know how hard it is to entrust Your dream to other people. That's why Your needs and requirements are our main priority. We will never limit Your options. Listening to Your requirements we'll offer You as many options as You need. You won't have to wrestle with a scheme or draft.  We'll present all the information in most convenient format of 3D-designes. And all Your requests will be solved by a team of professionals. Be sure You will get a maximal package of final documents at the end of the project.

At Your request we'll provide You with the full construction and facade project, we will be also happy to help You with interior design and support Your project until its completion. 


In general

With MIR

Because it is our "M.I.R."

Every project is special.

We design houses and interiors for each customer individually. Such personal approach allows us to transfer Your dream into reality.


Architectural Bureau "M.I.R." is not just a brand name, but a team of motivated and committed professionals. 


We are M.I.R.!

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